Monday, 22 July 2013

Our first blog!

"Brown is the new Green"

So what's this all about?

Recently we've been inspired to make our house and lifestyle as low impact as possible. We think we're doing quite well, but know that there is more that we can do. We plan to use this blog to explore and share our experiences (good and bad) as we try to make Brown the new Green!

Who are we and where is home?

We're a professional couple who call the City of Whitehorse in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne home. Our house (built in 2011) is single storey and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Living in a new house means we are fortunate to have excellent wall and roof insulation, low power lighting and a decent rainwater tank (which flushes both toilets). In addition we are lucky to have double glazing, and hydronic underfloor heating. Since moving in we have installed a 2.4kW solar power system, which was the largest possible system for the available roof space.

What do we want to do?

Over the coming months and years we want to make sustained changes to our lifestyle, that reduces our impact on the environment. Some of the areas we want to start with are:

  • reducing our garbage
  • making great compost
  • growing more indoor plants
  • using less power, gas and water
  • growing more of our own produce
  • reducing the "food miles" of the food we buy
  • supporting local and/or independent traders
  • buying less 'stuff'

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